Know Facts & Details About
The Home You Choose!! 

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It is absolutely IMPERATIVE to get a full history of the facility report and detailed facts of each care home before a home is chosen for your loved ones. Homes Helping Elderly offers this information FREE to its clients upon request. With this information, your family is able to make a complete knowledgeable, comfortable decision on a SAFE CARE HOME, which best fits your loved ones needs.

Through the years many changes have occurred in Assisted Living communities. Today our focus is on two types of care facilities, which are: the Large 25-bed to 250-bed Assisted Living Facility (ALF) and the smaller more intimate, “Home-Like” 6-bed Residential Care Facility for the Elderly (RCFE).

The large communities are a great place for our elderly loved ones to stay socially active in a large environment setting.  Continuing a life of daily new connections and building relationships with new seniors. Or one can choose the smaller 6-bed home, which is a more intimate environment in a more “Home-like” setting, the choice is up to the family.

Additionally, we understand at times finances can be a major factor in deciding what direction families and their loved ones should take. With the main question in mind, “How will this affect my Quality of Life”?

With all this been said, being one of the pioneers of building elderly care homes and our decades of first hand experience with elderly care, Homes Helping Elderly truly understands how to work with the care homes and the families.

Let us give you updated information regarding what care home has a good record and which care homes have been struggling. Full details on each home of interest can be discussed personally at anytime. Call for a free consultation.

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