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Pioneering The RCFE Program Since The Beginning

Arthur Pascual, owner of Homes Helping Elderly has been involved in the business of caring for the elderly with his family since the mid 1980’s, pioneering the 6-bed care home concept in the county of Ventura. As an owner/administrator of five separate 6-bed Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFE) and one 10-bed home, he has become a true elderly care consultant with first hand personal experience.

Incidentally, one doesn’t acquire 6 Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFE) by fluke, but by true hard work, constant research, negotiations and understanding the housing market and what neighborhoods to strategically build and grow an RCFE home in. With that been said, these combined unique experiences allow to help with specific needs a family may have when locating the right care home for their elderly loved ones, while at the same time downsizing family assets to financially support our loved ones care and needs that aging will bring.

Through the years many changes have occurred in the Assisted Living communities. Today our focus is on two types of care facilities, the larger assisted living facility and the smaller 6-bed RCFE homes. The large communities are a great place for our elderly loved ones to stay socially active, continue living a life of connections and building relationships with new seniors. The smaller 6-bed RCFE is a more intimate environment in a more “home-like” setting; the choice is up to the family. Additionally, we understand at times finances can change and become challenging for families and their loved ones to keep up with the care home bed rates.  With our extensive experience and qualifications we are able to help in unique ways separating us from your basic placement agency. Because we are passionate about the quality of care and personal service our elderly community receives, it is our goal to support this vulnerable population by helping families and their loved ones through this challenging transition. If you need help to relocate a resident for whatever reason, let us assist you personally. Our services span STATEWIDE, as we have a large network of nurses, agents and other professionals ready to assist you in anyway possible.

Assisting in placing loved ones into the right care environment for ones specific needs is our utmost priority. Additionally, if you get that desperate call from a family asking, “Do you take S.S.I.”?? Which means, can you care for our loved one for $1000 a month? Guide them to us and we can assist them in understanding the Medi-Cal program the Assisted Living Waiver. If you currently know of any families that might need help with their loved ones don’t hesitate to reach out to our knowledgeable consultants. We are available 7 days a week! Thank you so much for your time it’s greatly appreciated.


Many Blessings,
Arthur Pascual
Elderly Care Consultant
Assisted Living Waiver (ALW) Expert

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